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DNO Participate & Sponsor

An event of this magnitude requires a great deal of resources. Therefore, we are seeking individuals, group, and businesses to donate and sponsor the Delran Night Out.

How to Participate

There are multiple ways to contribute to Delran Night Out. You can either contribute to the event or sponsor financially.

1: Contribute An Entertainment Element

First, you can contribute a substantial entertainment element to the event using your own individuals or hire a private vendor. If you would prefer your group or business be physically involved during the day of the event, this option is perfect for you. However, there are some foundational requirements. The contribution must further advance the entertainment mission and value of the event and there must be a level of quality engagement with event guests. Therefore, merely setting up a conference table to hand out promotional items would not further the entertainment mission. While we understand the importance of marketing for contributors (and welcome the multiple benefits) we strongly believe that high-quality entertainment elements with guest engagement are better received by residents and help contribute to a better event. In fact, the more entertainment elements there are, the longer guests stay!

Examples of acceptable contributions contained in your booth:

  • An insurance company has a magician in their booth
  • Gym running ninja warrior course
  • Baseball club running a speed pitch machine
  • Club managing a dunk tank
  • The options are endless. We want your creative ideas! Everything from arts and crafts to games!

Second, you may sponsor purely financially from the list of options below. This includes funding either a specific aspect of the event (ex: food court or water station) or sponsoring the event as a whole. This is a wonderful option for groups or businesses that cannot attend the event but would like to support the community.