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Municipal Clerk

Municipal Clerk’s Office
Jamey Eggers

[email protected] 

The Municipal Clerk is the Secretary of the Township, the Secretary to the Township Council and the Election Official.

Secretary to the Township

The Municipal Clerk is the official custodian of all records of the Township. The Clerk is also the custodian of the official Township Seal.

Secretary to the Township Council

The Clerk attends all official meetings of the Township Council and is responsible for the keeping of the minutes, the official record of each proceeding. All ordinances and resolutions are kept by the Municipal Clerk and available to the public.

Election Official

The Municipal Clerk oversees Municipal, School, Primary and General Elections. This office registers voters, issues absentee ballot applications, and answers any questions, problems, or concerns relating to voting.

To register to vote or locate your specific polling place, please visit our Voter Information page.

Additional Functions of the Municipal Clerk’s Office

The Municipal Clerk’s Office also provides the following services:

  1. All licensing, such as Pet Shop licenses, Dog and Cat licenses, Bingo and Raffle licenses, Social Permits for Social Affairs, Vending Machine permits, Mechanical Device licenses, Mercantile licenses, Food Handling permits.
    For more information on obtaining these licenses, please visit our Licenses page.
  2. Liquor licenses are also issued annually by the Clerk’s Office, contingent upon approval by the Township Council.
  3. Sale of Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Ordinances, Land Use Procedure Ordinances, and Township Maps.
    For information on receiving a copy of these ordinances or maps, please visit our Ordinance page.
  4. The Clerk’s Office maintains Performance Bonds and Maintenance Bonds for development projects within the Township.
  5. Landlord Registration forms are available and are required to be filed in this office.
  6. Public Notary Services – This service is provided by the Clerk’s office free of charge.

Interested in purchase an affordable home?

Applications are available at the Clerk’s office. The applicants must file the application with the NJ Housing and Finance who can be reached at 609-278-7505.