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Parks and Recreation


The existing Open Space and Recreation plan includes fifty-two parcels of open space including approximately thirty different parcels of passive open space and a number of other athletic fields, recreation fields and two major county parks including the Amico County Park and the proposed Anderson Farm Park.

In addition, the Township has two very large parcels, one 46.3 acres parcel known as Swedes Lake. The lake itself is approximately 700 by 1100 feet wide and 2100 feet long. Swedes Lake is a ground water fed lake with a 24-inch pipe with flap gates connecting Swedes Run with Swedes Lake at the northwest end of the lake. Fishermen and hikers currently use Swedes Lake.

The Township also has a municipal pistol range located west of Swedes Run Stream and off of Taylors Lane which consists of forty-four acres.

The Township also has Swedes Run Linear Park, which is Block 110 Lot numbers 13A, 14, 14A, 15, 15A, 18A; Block 178 Lot 16, which consists of 14.6 acres and runs 2400 feet along Swedes Run. This is an unimproved linear park bordered on the Southwest by the Swedes Run Stream.

The Township owns Swedes Run Linear Park, Block 83, Lot numbers 32A, 32B, 35, 36 and 13A and is located between Purdue Drive and Delran High School. The property is approximately 26.8 acres. The area is currently unimproved and was previously used as pasture and farmland and is currently has a strand of mature trees and not developed.

There is also Swedes Run Linear Park, Block 83, Lot 2, Hunter Drive to Route 130 along Swedes Run Stream consisting of 38 acres. This park is 4,000 feet along the Swedes Run Stream, 150 to 600 feet wide. This is an unimproved linear park and abuts other municipal parks and open spaces such as Notre Dame Drive Park.

Swedes Run Linear Park, Block 9, Lot numbers 41F-1, 41.14, 41.15, and 43A which is located along Swedes Run and is 4 acres and extends 50 to 100 feet each side of the stream for 1600 feet. This is accessible by foot behind the Commerce Bank, Underwood Court and Route 130 Jughandle and Baylor Street. There is no improved access.

Swedes Run Linear Park, Block 9, lot numbers 41J, 36, 35, 29C and 34A and runs along Swedes Run, Baylor Street to Howard Street and is 12.4 acres extending Northeast of Swedes Run 300 to 650 feet and for 1400 feet along the Northeast side of the stream. This is an unimproved perimeter wooded site and overgrown fields.

The Township has the following Municipal Park and Playgrounds:

  • Brown Street Park has a baseball field as well as basketball courts and a tot lot and consists of 2.7 acres.
  • Faunce Street Park has a baseball field, basketball courts and a tot lot and consists of 13.3 acres.
  • Notre Dame Park has a softball field, small baseball diamond, large baseball diamond, batting cages and tot lot and consists of 9.9 acres.
  • Ohio State Drive Park has basketball courts and consists of 3.83 acres.
  • Princeton Park has a tot lot.
  • Tenby Chase Playground is currently approximately 10 acres of open space, wooded and left in its natural state and consists of 12.37 acres.
  • Stewart Avenue Park has a basketball court and tot lot and consists of 1.28 acres.
  • Conrow Road Park is the home of Kids Kingdom and Friendship Park playground  as well as a soccer field and consists of 4 acres.
  • Ash Street/Mulberry Street playground has a tot lot and basketball court and consists of .37 acres.

The Township also owns the Mitchell tract, Block 119 lot number 24, Block 125 lot number 12, which is located on Bridgeboro at the end of Clay Street and is approximately 22.84 acres. It is unimproved woodland, marsh and tidal flat and floodplain with frontage along the Rancocas Creek.

The Municipality also owns the Brown and Goldfarb Tract, Block 120, lot numbers 52 and 55, which is 26.74 acres and is an unimproved wooded parcel with an existing pond measuring 100 feet by 280 feet at Bridgeboro Road.

The Township also owns the SummerHill/Grande, also known as Ken Johnston Park which include a Little League Baseball diamond, Basketball backboards, roller hockey rink and Frank DiLuzio Football Field and practice area along with tennis courts and is approximately 11 acres.

For more information on sports available and their schedule, please contact the Delran Athletic Assocation at  or by calling (856)764-8091.