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To clarify the process for trash pick-up: You can use the cans that are either provided or purchased from the Township or your own can, as long as they are the type and size of can that is able to be picked up by the automated arm.

However, if your can is damaged, you will be provided with a can either from the township or Republic. It will be the style of can that was received by you, or purchased by you if you purchased an extra can. It will not be replaced with the same type or brand of can that was damaged.

The township-provided cans are high quality and designed for the type of automated pick-up used by Republic. If you wish to have a second trash can, we suggest that you purchase the can from the township. It is $60.00 and will be delivered to your home. Please contact Linda in the Public Works department at [email protected]

Please leave your trash cans at the curb until your trash is collected.

If your trash collection is ever missed on your scheduled day you should:

  • Leave your cans out at the curb if they are not emptied.
  • Report a missed collection, email [email protected] at Public Works.

Please be aware that Public Works closely monitors the situation and reports all issues to Republic and the township administration. Not only are we holding the trash company accountable for missed collections, but we have also been diligent in assessing fines to the trash company when they do not meet the contracted obligations.

NOTE: Posting on Facebook is not reporting to the township. To report a missed collection, email [email protected] at Public Works.

Please visit here often for additional information regarding the ongoing Municipal Solid Waste collection issues.