Ken Paris


Mayor Ken Paris worked 32 yrs. on the AEGIS Defense Program as a Software Program Manager. He also worked for Rowan at Burlington County College as a Project Manager on new construction. He is a graduate of Rutgers University. Having served as a councilman for two years, Ken is currently serving in his ninth year as Mayor.

Ken has been a Delran resident for 21 years. His wife, June, was born and raised in Delran and her family, the Bagonis’, have lived here for over 54 years. When they were married, Ken and June realized that Delran was the perfect location to raise their daughter Aubrey, who has a double-Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry from Ursinus College and is now attending Princeton University pursuing her PHD in Chemistry.

Ken has always had a passion for making Delran a better place to live and has consistently been an active member of our community. He considers it an honor to serve as an elected official. Throughout the years, his major accomplishments include: establishment of a 6-year budget plan that produced tax stabilization; preservation of Myers’ Tract; development of a multi-purpose recreational facility; institution of an aggressive road reconstruction program; development of a successful grant program from both the county and state; creation of a township sewer department; and the foundation of the Delran Business Association (DBA) and Delran Day celebration.

Ken is committed to fulfilling his promises to Delran residents—maintaining an open line of communication—and continuing his community involvement through actions such as fundraising for the special needs organization “Jake’s Place.”