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Mayor’s Update 5.20.21

As some residents may already have heard, I have been working with Congressman Andy Kim and Councilwoman Virginia Parejo to bring a Vaccine Pop-Up Clinic to Delran. I am excited to announce that we will hold two Delran Vaccine Pop-Up Clinic Events at Calvary Church next month.

This will allow easy access for Delran residents as well as others in the surrounding river towns who have been unable to get a vaccine.

The First Doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be available June 4th and 7th from 9 am-3 pm. Second Doses ONLY will be given June 25th and 28th.

We were lucky enough to be a part of Congressman Kim’s partnership with Rite Aid, which allowed us to choose the Pfizer vaccine, which is now available for everyone age 12 and up! 

This is a great opportunity for the children in our community to get vaccinated before school lets out and summer camps and vacations begin!

I am also grateful to Delran School’s Superintendent Dr. Brostchul, who has offered to assist us in providing transportation options to residents who have been unable to get vaccinated due to being housebound.

Additionally, refreshments will be provided by some of our local businesses on these dates.  Congressman Andy Kim as well as members of the Delran Township Police Department, Delran Fire Department, Delran Emergency Squad will all be there to welcome vaccine recipients! 

For registration or transportation assistance, please call 856-393-7973

If you want to register without assistance, please visit:

I look forward to seeing you, and everyone who wants the vaccine, get it right here in Delran.

Mayor’s Update 4.23.21

April 12th marked the first 100 days for Councilman Lynn Jeney, and for Council President Tyler Burrell and myself in our new positions. Together with the rest of the Council, we have been pushing an aggressive agenda. Tyler has been focusing on the legislative agenda and I am working to further improve resident services. Together, we are aiming to improve how we communicate, what we say, and when this all happens.

Typically, government moves at a glacial pace, but when everyone works together toward the same positive goals, we get to see more immediate results.  These are just some of the things we’ve already been able to do because of all the dedicated and talented people that surround me. 


  • Residents have already seen some of the changes we’re making to the website. We are performing a major overhaul that started with our Public Works section and the launch of Recycle Coach. Now, Waste and Recycling Information is easier to understand and provides an accurate pickup calendar based on your address as well as a search option to learn how to dispose of nearly anything!
  • To make sure that every resident gets the right answer to their questions and that we, as Mayor and Council, are both transparent and informative, we established the Communication Committee to recommend ways to improve our resident communication. Council has adopted their recommendations and will be implementing them as soon as possible.


  • Council has updated the snow and parking ordinances, and other Township ordinances that are dated or no longer serve the community’s best interests. 
  • We have started evaluating our zoning laws to allow cannabis in accordance with NJ state law.

Supporting Those Who Protect Us

  • First Responders always do a great job protecting us. Councilwoman Virginia Parejo, Councilman Marlowe Smith and I had the incredible experience of watching the Delran Fire Department conduct a LIVE BURN training situation.
  • On a freezing cold morning nearly the entire Council and I watched while the Delran Fire Department conducted Ice Rescue Training. Delran EMS had their watchful eyes on everyone involved, including Councilman Burrell who volunteered to be rescued from the frozen Swedes Lake.
  • In support of our First Responders, Council and I attended the Delran Defenders (Delran Police, Fire and EMS) annual Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. And yes, Tyler Burrell ran under the ice cold water along with the others. 

Working Together

In cooperation with Council, I have worked with and supported their decisions to: 

  • Prioritize open space by approving the addition of a ballot question to extend the local open space tax in the upcoming General election.
  • Establish a Tree Ordinance Committee to draft a new ordinance that holds developers accountable for leveling acres of woods. The new law will require compensation to a “tree bank” so we can replant trees throughout the community.
  • Introduce a budget with a zero tax increase while maintaining all programs or services.
  • Organize and authorize a significant road repaving program with PSE&G and NJAW. 
  • Welcome Community Solar, who will install solar panels on warehouses and provide relief in the cost of electricity to low-to-modern income families.
  • Work with and welcome a new Amazon facility to Delran.

I look forward to continuing the fast paced momentum of our first 100 days as we move Delran into an even better future. This is just a preview for a few things coming next:

Recreation and Sports

  • Council President Burrell, our engineers, Superintendent of Public Works, Township Administrator, the President of the Delran AA and I reviewed the current problems with our ball fields.We have millions of dollars of fields and it is time that we develop a real and proactive plan to address the current field conditions and develop field maintenance procedures, to address the flooding problems and turf resurfacing, and dramatically improve the long term experience for anyone using our fields. 
  • Additionally, I have started looking at the condition of all of the parks and recreation areas in Delran township. We will be working this Spring with Senator Singleton’s office and the Delran Green Team to clean up the parks and recreation areas. This is an opportunity for Delran students to get community service hours, and will give families with younger children more options to get outside in the fresh air after being cooped up during this past year of the pandemic. 

Commercial Redevelopment

  • We will also continue to increase commercial redevelopment. As we move forward, we will look at ways to revitalize sections of our town that need it, and some very exciting things are already in the works.  You will begin to see empty and vacant commercial properties begin to be utilized again.

Finally, despite the pandemic, I have been fortunate to meet with many residents in person over the last few months to talk about the things that are most important to them in our community. I really enjoy that time. I hope that we will be able to meet in larger groups soon. 

In the meantime, I want you all to know that if there is anything anyone in our Delran family needs, I will do everything possible to ALWAYS be available.

I also want to thank the Council and our staff for all the work they do every day. None of what’s happening would be possible without their hard work. We are so fortunate to have so many dedicated people working for our Delran community. 


Gary Catrambone

Mayor’s Update 3-27-21

Lock Your Car

The Delran Township Police Department reminds residents that you can help prevent theft by rolling up windows and locking their vehicles. There has been an increase in reported thefts of items left inside vehicles, and overwhelmingly these are vehicles left unlocked. 

Typically, criminals will simply try to open the door to a vehicle and if it is locked, they just move on rather than smashing a window and drawing attention.

Additionally, here are some important things to remember to avoid being an easy target:

  • Park your vehicle in your garage, driveway, or under a streetlight.
  • Remove all loose items of value such as loose change, cell phones, laptops, jewelry, sunglasses, purses, etc. from inside the car and lock them in the trunk. Better off, don’t leave them in the car at all!
  • Close all windows, including vent or wing windows and sunroofs.
  • Do not attach personal information to your keys, leave a GPS, or mail with your address on it in your vehicle; 
  • NEVER leave your garage door opener in your vehicle.
  • Never leave a key fob in your vehicle.
  • Never leave vehicles unlocked or idling unattended, even if you are dashing into a home or store.
  • Lock your doors every time you leave your vehicle and activate your anti-theft device.

Please look out for one another. If you notice your neighbor’s car is unlocked or valuables are easily visible, remind them to lock their cars and take their valuables. 

If you see someone walking around trying to open car door handles, report it to the Delran Police Department immediately.

Polar Bear Plunge

It was a pleasure to watch the Delran Defenders get together last week for the Polar Bear Plunge! This was a fun event for the benefit of the Special Olympics!

We are always #DelranProud of our First Responders and the incredible work they do serving the community, and it was great to spend some downtime with everyone and see the camaraderie that exists between these groups!

Thank you to Lt. Jim Mitchell who organizes the Plunge for the Defenders, Delran Police, Fire, and EMS for inviting us to join you today! Thanks to County Deputy Director, Commissioner Dan O’Connell (Delran resident), Council President Tyler Burrell, Council Vice President Tom Lyon. Councilman Lynn Jeney for spending time with the group!


Gary Catrambone

Mayor’s Update 3-3-21

During my remarks at last night’s Public Meeting, I discussed a few events going on in our area. 

Please see all the links provided if you wish to participate or learn more. Stay tuned to this page and social media for more updates and information regarding local events and activities going forward!  

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THE DELRAN DEFENDERS, a team of Delran Emergency Responders will be meeting at the Delran Fire House (Station 2) on Chester Avenue, March 20th at Noon– to participate in a NEW version of the Polar Bear Plunge this year. 

The Delran Defenders have participated in this event which raises money for Special Olympics New Jersey for the last 15 years, but this year’s plunge has gone virtual!

The Defenders will be assisting the Delran Fire Department in a training exercise by running through a shower of ice-cold water! 

If anyone would like to contribute to the fundraiser, or JOIN the Delran Defenders Team, please visit #DelranProud

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March is Women’s History Month! I would like to invite residents to join in celebrating the remarkable contributions of women from many different backgrounds and cultures throughout history and today!

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy will be hosting a series called “Monday Mothers” which brings together groups of mothers to discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on motherhood and includes topics such as virtual schooling, navigating career changes, work/life balance, and mental health. The event begins March 8th at 7 p.m. and runs through March 29th at 7 p.m. Information on how to register can be found at

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Kill the Lanternflies: Even though it is freezing cold, we are quickly heading into warmer weather. You can help stop the lanternfly infestation by destroying the eggs before they have a chance to hatch. Egg clusters can be found on trees, houses, cars, or any other flat surface, and look like clumps of mud. Scrape them into a Ziploc bag and pour some alcohol or hand sanitizer in the bag. 

Students who need to log in-person community service hours can actually get paperwork signed for participation for destroying the eggs in their neighborhoods and local parks and visiting the Burlington County Volunteer Opportunities page: 


Gary Catrambone

Mayor’s Update 2-15-21

Remember: No Ice is Safe Ice!

On February 13, Delran Township Council and I had the honor of being invited to watch the Delran Fire Department’s Annual Ice Rescue Training on Swedes Lake. 

While I am always proud of the impressive level of service they provide, seeing firsthand the training and skill involved was truly eye opening. With so many bodies of water in our Rivertown’s area, this is an incredibly important and difficult part of the job these men and women do in keeping us safe. In addition to plunging into freezing cold water, we also got an introductory lesson on the complex equipment & techniques employed during these challenging rescues. Delran EMS was also there, providing a warming tent, to assist and assess everyone who had actually been in the water. 

Additionally, I want to remind Delran residents that they can help DFD and Delran EMS help us, by avoiding the need for these types of rescues. Snowfall on top of a frozen body of water can falsely make it appear that it is safe for you or your pets to walk, fetch, or skate on the ice.

Ice strength depends upon uniform thickness, snow cover, changes in temperature, depth of the water under the ice, water flow (current), and water level. Schools of fish under the ice will also affect the integrity of the ice. Lakes and other outdoor bodies of water (such as Swedes Lake) are subject to fluctuations that make it too dangerous to take that risk!

I would like to thank The Delran Fire Department and Delran EMS for inviting us, and for their continued commitment to public safety. Congratulations on a successful training day! 

Delran’s Finest Deliver Snow Storm Baby

I would also like to acknowledge Delran Patrolman Keith Upton who, along with the help of Central Dispatch Operator Mark Boyd, responded to and provided assistance during a childbirth emergency call on February 2nd, during the snowstorm. 

Officer Upton, a 21-year veteran of the Delran Police Department arrived first to the scene at which point it became evident that there was no time to transport the expectant mother to a hospital.

Dispatcher Boyd, a 10-year veteran at Central Communications, was working the Emergency Medical Desk, and was able to talk our officer and the father through a safe and successful delivery at 10:04am, just TEN minutes after the initial 911 call!

What I can only imagine would be a stressful experience for any pregnant mother, was met with calm and composure, and I am told that mom and baby girl are doing great!

Patrolman Upton and Dispatcher Boyd were both honored by the Burlington County Commissioners during their virtual meeting on February 10th and will be receiving Certificates of Recognition from the county as well.

Congratulations on an outstanding job! Your dedication to the community is truly commendable! 



Gary Catrambone

Mayor’s Update 2-2-21

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of riding along with our Public Works Superintendent, Brian Mullen, as he plowed Delran’s streets during the storm. I have always been proud of the unparalleled service Delran Public Works provides, but seeing the snow removal process from their point of view offered a whole new perspective on the incredibly long hours, planning and safety protocols involved in keeping our streets clear for our residents.

I would like to commend all our Public Works employees on their diligence and dedication! I have heard from many of my fellow residents in the last two days during the storm, and I share their gratitude for a job well done!

I was able to take some video footage of the experience, and I look forward to sharing that with residents so that they better understand the difficult job our Delran Public Works has in keeping residents safe, and how we as residents can help them maintain their high level of service by knowing how to follow the Snow Ordinance.

Additionally, I was able to talk with Brian about our plans to help “demystify” all the other services Delran Public Works offers.  This week, I will be updating and posting even more information regarding all aspects of the Delran Public Works Department, to help our residents understand and utilize those services better.

Please check back for more updates on our website and Facebook pages. You can learn about how this saves the township real money and how that helps Council continue to keep taxes stable.

Gary Catrambone

Mayor’s Update 1-13-21

On January 12th, Council and I met via Zoom for their first Work Session of 2021. Many of us are still getting used to our new roles, but it was amazing to see how everyone rose to the occasion as we faced new and challenging decisions for our town and fellow residents. I am so proud to be fortunate enough to work alongside such dedicated people.

I am especially proud to announce that Council made history last night, appointing the FIRST Black Councilman ever in Delran, Marlowe Smith; who will be filling the seat in Ward 3 recently vacated by Mike Mormando.

It was an honor for me to swear in Mr. Smith that night on such a momentous occasion. The members of Council and I have known Councilman Smith for years and felt he was a distinguished choice for Town Council. He immediately joined in the discussion last night, bringing his experience and commitment to the table. You can read more about Councilman Marlowe Smith by clicking here.


Gary Catrambone

Mayor’s Update 1-3-2021

Yesterday, it was my great honor and privilege to be sworn in as Delran’s Mayor. The day was made even more special by the presence of so many distinguished elected officials, including fellow Delran residents; Assemblyman Herb Conaway, MD and State Senator Troy Singleton. 

US Senator Cory Booker gave the oath to our new Council President Tyler Burrell, and Congressman Andy Kim joined us in person to show his support for Delran. 

We welcomed new Councilman Lynn Jeney to our team and we are thankful he chose to continue his decades long history of serving the Delran community. 

The meeting video will be available sometime Monday, 1/4/2021.

I am committed to building on the transparency of the last 12 years.  Very shortly, we will be even more proactive in communicating important and timely information.

Look for more improvements to our township website and new outreach programs for every age group.

I look forward to providing a weekly podcast starting later this month. If you have questions about how things work in Delran, feel free to email me at [email protected]

I am honored to be your Mayor, and eager to get to work. 

Until next time; wishing all my fellow residents a safe and prosperous 2021! 


Gary Catrambone