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Author: Tyler Burrell

Harmful Algal Bloom Found at Amico Island Park

Press Release From the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders:

Harmful Algal Bloom Found at Amico Island Park

Mount Holly, NJ – In response to a tip from the public, Burlington County staff discovered a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) at Amico Island Park in Delran on Friday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, the Department of Environmental Protection confirmed the presence of HAB after testing was performed. Signs have been posted in and around Amico Island Park in Delran advising residents not to have contact with the water, including but not limited to swimming, wading, watersports and fishing. Pets and livestock should not come into contact with or drink the water. 

According to the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, HABs occur when algae grows out of control and produces large quantities of toxins with harmful effects to people, pets and other wildlife. While all causes of HABs are not known, certain conditions, such as sluggish water circulation and unusually high water temperatures have been marked as contributing factors. (Source:

In some cases, algae growth has been attributed to nutrient pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies nutrient pollution to be one of America’s most widespread and costly environmental challenges. Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous are part of every aquatic ecosystem, but human activity can introduce large and dangerous amounts of such nutrients into our streams, rivers, lakes, bays and coastal waters.  Surplus nitrogen and phosphorus can cause algae to grow out of control, significantly decreasing the levels of oxygen and food in water for other aquatic life. Primary sources of nutrient pollution are large scale agriculture, stormwater, wastewater, fossil fuels and home fertilizers.

“At this time of year, environmental conditions are favorable to the formation of these HABs. So far this summer, we have seen three instances of Harmful Algae Blooms in Burlington County, first in Smithville Lake (Eastampton), last Friday in Sylvan Lake (Burlington Township) and now at Amico Island Pond (Delran Township),” said Dr. Herb Conaway, Director of Burlington County Health Department. “We will continue to monitor our county’s recreational lakes and ponds for signs of harmful algae blooms. If you see a suspected algae bloom, please call the health department at (609) 265-5548 or NJ Department of Environmental Protection at 877-WARNDEP.”

 To learn what an Algae bloom looks like, or about ways to reduce your environmental footprint, please visit to learn more.


Mayor’s Desk Spring 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year. I know we are all looking forward to spring and hopefully some warmer weather. 

As we started 2019, one of our first priorities is to begin review the 2019 Municipal Budget. I have been working alongside the Township Administrator and Department Heads over the last several months to review each departmental budget submitted. The budget books will be submitted to Township Council on February 26, 2019 and they will begin review during the March work sessions. 

This year we are happy to welcome several new businesses to town. Those businesses include Launch, Lightbridge Academy, Ashley Furniture and Stumpy’s.

We will be continuing our aggressive road program for 2019. We anticipate the resurfacing of Diane Avenue, Patricia Avenue, Norman Avenue, River Drive, Lake Street and a portion of Wills Street. We have also submitted a grant application through the NJ Department of Transportation for the resurfacing of Conrow Road. 

Finally we are looking forward to a spring community build for Jake’s Place at Delran Community Park. Additional details on the event will be posted on the Township website and Facebook Page.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and fun spring/summer season and look forward to another successful year for Delran Township.

Ken Paris, Delran Township Mayor