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Tornado Clean Up

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to the incredible township staff for their continued clean-up in the aftermath of the tornado. When people reach out to request that the “township” should clear branches, leaves, or parks; most people are unaware that the task falls squarely on the shoulders of our unsung heroes; the Delran Public Works Department. 

After the Delran Police Department, the Delran Fire Department, and Delran EMS are finished addressing our emergency needs due to any weather or other significant event; it is the hard work of the Public Works Department that takes over and brings Delran back to the beautiful community that we are all accustomed to enjoying. 

They do this while continuing to prep the athletic fields, maintaining township properties and vehicles, and they never stop overseeing the contractors that collect the trash and recycling as well as third-party contractors assisting with routine and one-off maintenance. 

I realize that between the natural disaster of last weekend and the road work that was already scheduled, some folks may have been inconvenienced by road closures and school transportation delays. I appreciate the patience of our Delran family as Delran Public Works and others conduct the necessary work to ensure safety and cleanup efforts are completed. 

Additionally, we are expecting another severe storm tomorrow; Thursday, April 6th. Please be vigilant as you navigate the possible debris and storm issues that may occur. 

Finally, I would like to ask all residents that the next time you see those big yellow trucks doing anything on your street, or a DPW employee tending to our parks, playgrounds, or fields; please give them a wave of thanks. They deserve it. 

Don’t forget: Please continue to check in on your neighbors and friends and do what you can to help them. If you are aware of a specific resident experiencing hardship due to the tornado, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] so that I can help direct them to available resources.