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Mayor’s Update 6.23.22

On June 20th, 2022, it was my honor to attend the Delran Police Department’s annual awards presentation.

Congratulations to the following officers!

Life Saving Award:

Presented to Ptlm. Kevin Pfeffer for his professional performance during a medical emergency on November 9th, 2021, where he responded to a residence for a report of an unconscious female with CPR in progress. Upon arrival, he located the unconscious patient on the floor with no pulse. The defibrillator was applied, and a shock was administrated. Ptlm. Pfeffer resumed CPR while rescue breaths were administered, which resulted in the patient regaining a pulse. Ptlm. Pfeffer’s fast actions helped bring this person back to life.

Life Saving Award:

Was presented to Ptlm. Jill Boyle for her professional performance during a medical emergency on June 10th, 2021, where she responded to a residence for a report of an unconscious male not breathing. Upon arrival, she located the unconscious patient and instructed a female on location to begin chest compressions as she prepared the defibrillator. A shock was administrated and Ptlm. Boyle took over chest compressions until EMS and medics arrived. Ptlm. Boyle’s fast actions helped bring this person back to life.

2021 Mayor’s Award:

It was my great pleasure to present a Mayor’s Award for the second year in a row. This year, the Mayor’s Award was presented to Ptlm. Kevin Pfeffer for consistently demonstrating dedication and service to the community, and for improving outreach and engagement between the police and the people of Delran. Ptlm. Pfeffer was chosen primarily for his diverse responsibilities which include: Crime Prevention and Community Policing, Field Training Officer, Medical Safety Officer, Emergency Medical Technician, Child Safety Seat Technician, and Overdose Reduction Officer where he works with both “Straight to Treatment” and “Operation Helping Hand” in Delran and other towns.

2021 Officer of the Year:

The 2021 Officer of the year is a conscientious, hardworking, and dedicated employee who is a constant asset to this department. This officer has taken on many responsibilities to include Head Firearms Instructor, Crash Investigator, Domestic Violence Liaison, Grant Administration, EMT and Field Training Officer. He leads by example and has the ability to diffuse difficult situations. He is also involved in numerous activities outside of work that positively influence the Delran Police Department. He is not only a great officer, but also a great teacher and role model to our new officers. For these reasons, Patrolman Joseph Horton is the 2021 Officer of the Year. Congratulations to Ptlm. Joseph Horton!

Delran was recently named one of the top 10 towns in Burlington County and Top 25 in New Jersey by South Jersey Magazine. The Delran Police are an integral part of why people love this town. Congratulations and thank you to the entire Delran Police Department for their hard work and dedication to our Delran Family.