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A Statement from the Desk of Mayor Catrambone

As we continue our efforts in service to this town, our friends, and neighbors; we must address things that occasionally pull focus and attention from the true and important work of running a government.

Unfortunately, for several months; endless questions, unfounded accusations, and false narratives during meetings and on social media have been presented and directed to elected officials, professionals, our fellow Delran residents, volunteers, local businesses, and even township employees regarding the incredible event we hosted in town.

I have remained quiet, allowing for freedom of speech, and it has been my belief that eventually the truth would simply prevail. However, the cost of waiting for truth to out is now at a point where it can no longer be left to time.

This has put unnecessary stress on Council and the employees of this town and their families who have done nothing wrong, and who have continued to show up and diligently work for their Delran family every day with integrity in spite of that stress.

So, it is a new year. And a new year calls for new solutions to old problems.

I have maintained throughout these inquiries and this rhetoric that nothing illegal or unethical occurred in the planning or execution of this event. 

It’s time to put this to bed once and for all.

Therefore, in my continued effort towards transparency, and because I am so confident that nothing illegal or unethical was done in the preparation or execution of this event; I have personally requested an audit by the State Comptroller and a review by the State Ethics Board.

Unlike OPRA requests or the appointment of special counsel (both of which would incur a cost to the township itself, and by extension our taxpayers), inviting the State of NJ to objectively and impartially investigate relieves that burden.

I will eagerly comply with the state and allow their decision to be the final word on the subject. Again, I am that confident that we have done, seen, and heard nothing wrong, and our residents deserve to hear that not only from us; but from the experts at the state level.

Furthermore, our elected officials, our township employees, and our volunteers deserve to be able to live their lives in and around this town that they love and work so hard for, with their heads held high.