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Mayor’s Update 10.22.21

An Explanation of Municipal Ballot Question #1

Dear Delran Neighbors: Over the last few years you’ve told us that you want us to stop the over development of what little open space we have left. You are concerned about the overcrowding in our schools, the increased traffic congestion, and the condition of our roads.

We have especially heard your concerns about what occurred recently regarding residential developers coming to the township. We have been forced by the courts to allow developers to build more residential dwellings where other recreational and outdoor options would have been much more beneficial to our residents.

We have done much to address these concerns, but there is still much more work to do. Voting YES to current Municipal Ballot Question #1 allows us to continue that work; using the Open Space Preservation Fund after the current program ends in 2024. This referendum is the first and most necessary step needed to finish the work we started for you. Remember, this creates NO additional tax burden to our residents.

In addition to fighting against further housing development, we have heard that you want us to find a place to build a community center in town for our children and seniors to enjoy, create and maintain a multi-purpose turf field, and continue to develop and maintain our other parks and fields. These are just a few of the things that the Open Space Preservation Fund will allow us to do.

Furthermore, this fund gives us the ability to preserve historical sites throughout town, as well as looking at potential physical venues to house the Delran Historical Society, so that they have a place to share their research and photos that make up our Delran Township history. This could offer the possibility of field trips for our children to learn first-hand about our community.

Preventing overcrowding and traffic congestion in our town is important to ALL of us, and we want to see the township preserve the agricultural history and small-town community feel that makes Delran special.

We all want a place to gather for events together as a family and community; such as Delran Night Out and the recent Carli Lloyd Celebration, to provide for the needs of future generations with accessible playgrounds; like Jake’s Place (the first of its kind in Burlington County) and the Buddy-Ball field, and maintain and develop the coming multi-purpose Carli Lloyd Field. All of these wonderful things we have been able to offer to our Delran families happened at Delran Community Park, which was purchased with the assistance of Open Space dollars.

With your help, we can continue to work together to ensure that our Delran community’s vision for the future is realized. Please, vote YES on Municipal Ballot Question #1.