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Mayor’s Update 2-2-21

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of riding along with our Public Works Superintendent, Brian Mullen, as he plowed Delran’s streets during the storm. I have always been proud of the unparalleled service Delran Public Works provides, but seeing the snow removal process from their point of view offered a whole new perspective on the incredibly long hours, planning and safety protocols involved in keeping our streets clear for our residents.

I would like to commend all our Public Works employees on their diligence and dedication! I have heard from many of my fellow residents in the last two days during the storm, and I share their gratitude for a job well done!

I was able to take some video footage of the experience, and I look forward to sharing that with residents so that they better understand the difficult job our Delran Public Works has in keeping residents safe, and how we as residents can help them maintain their high level of service by knowing how to follow the Snow Ordinance.

Additionally, I was able to talk with Brian about our plans to help “demystify” all the other services Delran Public Works offers.  This week, I will be updating and posting even more information regarding all aspects of the Delran Public Works Department, to help our residents understand and utilize those services better.

Please check back for more updates on our website and Facebook pages. You can learn about how this saves the township real money and how that helps Council continue to keep taxes stable.

Gary Catrambone