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Delran Township 2020 2nd Quarter tax grace period to be extended to June 1st

Delran Township 2020 2nd Quarter Tax Grace Period to be Extended to June 1st

On May 5th, Township Council passed a Resolution to extend the grace period for payment of the May 1st quarterly property taxes to June 1st. The move comes after Governor Murphy issued an executive order granting municipalities the authority to extend the grace period for the 2020 2nd quarter due on May 1 only.

The executive order does not change the due date of May 1st, but instead extends the grace period for payment to June 1. This allows property owners to make payments to the Tax Collector on or before June 1 without accruing interest or penalties.

Payments received after June 1st will accrue interest from the statutory due date of May 1st.

The Township is encouraging residents that are able to make their payments now to please do so, as these quarterly payments are utilized to keep vital services in the Township running – including Police, Fire, trash and public works, as well as fund our teachers and schools.