Statement regarding 2017 Sewer Bills

Recently, the Township discovered an issue with the sewer bills that were sent to the residents.  The sewer bills are based upon water consumption data files that are provided by the NJ water company and sent to the software company that prepares our bills.  

Each year, the Tax Collector requests the billings from January, February, and March of the previous year as the basis for the billing provided to the software company to generate the bills. 

In the past, the water consumption readings included several weeks in December and ended in mid -March.  However, this year the water consumption figures that were sent to the Township started in mid-January and ended in mid-April.  

Some residents saw a noticeable difference in their bill from the previous year and brought this to our attention. We have requested the water usage data from the same dates as has been done in previous years that ran from the end of December to the end of March. 

Once received, we will discuss and review this information at the next Council work session and we will isolate any sewer accounts that were negatively affected by the billing period and adjust the bills appropriately.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has created.    

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