NJ American Water Notice Regarding Chlorine Odor

Recently, some of our customers in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties have let us know that their water service has a higher chlorine odor than they are accustomed to experiencing. While New Jersey American Water uses chlorine as a part of our disinfection process when treating water, the amount of chlorine added depends on several variable such as temperature, demand, water age,as well as other factors. Despite these variances, the chlorine levels being delivered to customers are within within limits permitted by government regulations, and the water is safe to drink. That said, we understand that some customers may find these elevated levels of chlorine odor objectionable. We are adjusting our treatment processes to resolve the odor issue, while at the same time maintain water quality that meets or surpasses state and federal standards. Chlorine levels are closely monitored at our plants and throughout the distribution system. We appreciate our customers letting us know about the issue, and ask for their patience as we work to solve the problem.

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