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Delran Trunk or Treat

Delran Trunk or Treat - Saturday, October 27th at 2PM at Delran Community Park


Reserve your ticket on October 6th at 10 AM! 

There are a limited number of tickets. Please bring your printed ticket to the event. Entry is only valid with a ticket. No child drop-offs will be permitted.... Gates open at 2:00. The gates will close at 2:30 PM and no one will be allowed to enter after 2:30. Please bring enough candy/treats for nearly 350 children. You may not arrive just to treat or treat - you must have treats. No cars or persons can leave the event until 4:30 PM. One car per Delran household.

This event is sponsored by the RAC.

CLICK HERE to reserve your tickets.


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Green Team


Website:  delrangreenteam.wordpress.com

Email:  Delran.green@gmail.com

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the Month 
                                             Time: 7:00 PM                                                   
Place: Community Room
Township Building
900 Chester Avenue


The Delran Green Team is a volunteer committee appointed by the Mayor and Town Council to meet the certification requirements set up by Sustainable Jersey.  The Sustainable Jersey program fosters lifestyle changes designed to minimize damage while protecting and maintaining our natural resources. The Green Team will raise awareness and identify actions that can be taken by individuals, businesses and community groups that that create an atmosphere of well-being and prosperity.  The public is encouraged to attend monthly meetings and participate in volunteer opportunities. 


Bill Curzie – Chairman
Deb Hammond
Sue Huesken
George Zitzler
Al Carp
Robert Wagner
Rochelle Samara

Mary Ellen Pierce

Lisa Fichana


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