Leaf Collection/Chipper Updates

Updated 11/7/2018 


Leaves are collected by the Department of Public Works in the Spring from April 1st  to April 30th and in the Fall between Mid-October and December 1st .  All leaves should be placed in the street next to the curb but only during those two collection seasons.  DO NOT PUT LEAVES IN YOUR TRASH CART FOR COLLECTION.

The Chipper

Branch pickup has been completed.  Public Works will begin pickup again on April 1, 2019.  Please do not put any branches out to the curb until then.  Thank you.


Just a Reminder – The last time to have your branches out to the curb is October 1st.  We will begin Leaf pickup on October 8th

  • NOTE:  No pile of yard trimmings bigger than 4 Cubic Yards or 12’ Long x 3’ High x 3’ Wide will be picked up.  It will be left and the resident will have ten days to dispose of it.  Please see full instructions for branches, root balls and leaves under Departments/Public Works/ Branch Pickup.

FOR MORE INFO CALL 856-461-7737







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