Automated Trash Announcement

Delran Residents Automated Trash Announcement

Residents of Delran will receive a 95 gallon trash cart delivered on or about January 9 weather permitting. 

We recognize that there are a number of people that have indicated that they will need an extra container.  Initially, we ask residents to utilize the one cart. Should you have any additional trash, you can put it out in whatever container you use currently.  The trash company will pick up these containers for a three or four week transition period.  This will assist the residents in determining whether or not they really will need an extra container. It has been the experience of the trash company that, because the cart holds the equivalent of 3 thirty gallon trash cans, it will be sufficient for most people. 

After this initial three week period, if residents wish to purchase an extra container they can do so through the township for $60.00.  If residents are currently utilizing a 65 or 95 gallon trash cart, similar to the carts that will be utilized by Republic trash services, they can continue to use these containers as well. 


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